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Beconnected Shanghai Team Outing

On June 2nd, we embarked on an extraordinary team outing day filled with joy and excitement! It was an unforgettable experience that we want to share with you. Our adventure began with a delightful high tea right on the magnificent bund in Shanghai, setting the tone for an amazing day ahead.

After indulging in some relaxation, we eagerly headed to the park for an exhilarating egg game. The challenge was to navigate the racecourse while delicately cradling an egg, a task that required skill and precision. Six spirited groups joined in this friendly competition, each striving to be the first to reach the finish line with their egg intact. The scene was filled with laughter and amusement as we witnessed the hilarious antics that ensued.

Following the egg game, we immersed ourselves in a captivating scavenger hunt. This activity aimed to foster team building, unleash our creativity, and encourage us to step outside our comfort zones. Armed with cameras, we embarked on a quest to capture awe-inspiring pictures with the DUDA's, engaging in sportsmanship and unconventional thinking along the way. The scavenger hunt not only strengthened our bonds but also pushed us to discover new facets of ourselves.

As the day drew to a close, we gathered for a delightful dinner, savoring the delectable flavors and basking in the joy of our shared accomplishments. To add the perfect finishing touch, we embarked on a scenic boat cruise along the enchanting Bund. The breathtaking view of Shanghai's iconic skyline served as a picturesque backdrop for our celebration. It was a momentous occasion, marking our 15th anniversary as a team and leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. We are filled with anticipation for the next 15 years, eagerly awaiting the creation of even more incredible memories and extraordinary experiences together.

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