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Aside from private label fashion,
Beconnected also sells
licensed apparel in Russia.

Beconnected offers an extensive portfolio of licenses for the Russian market. We support our Russian clients with collections that match their customers’ needs.

Licensed collections will soon be available in other regions too.
Keep an eye on our website for updates.

For other European countries, we will connect you with our partner Erve Europe, the European market leader in licensed apparel. With an extensive portfolio of licenses and exceptional customer service, they have remained a top choice for major retailers for 35 years.

A selection of our licenses for Russia

Daywear, nightwear, swimwear, socks, underwear and accessories

Close-ups & product details

Are you looking for a sourcing or trading partner that takes care of the full supply chain?

Speak to our team today.

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Added value

We upgrade the value of your merchandise, always acting as if we’re the end consumer. Ask us about OEKO-TEX® tailor-made packaging and other extras.

Supply chain

With eight locations on three continents, we offer a total solution from design to delivery. All our offices work according to high international standards and have in-depth knowledge of the industry.

CSR & Quality

If there’s anything we take more seriously than fashion, it’s quality, safety, the environment and corporate social responsibility.

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