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Digital garment design

A 3D future for digital garment design

At Beconnected, we’re looking to the future of fashion with an increasingly digitalized approach to apparel creation. Using 3D apparel design software Browzwear to streamline and speed up the entire creative process, we create lifelike digital samples that incorporate accurate sizing, materials, fabrics, trims, colorways and stylings. It’s an exciting tool for the future of our organization, enabling us to work more sustainably, speedily, and collaboratively.

How it works

As soon as we get the pattern from the supplier, we use it to construct a digital version of the pattern on one of Browzwear’s true-to-life avatars. Once this is correctly placed, we can stitch the pieces and create the garment, styling it on the avatar to give the right on-body effect.

The beauty of Browzwear is that we can customize a garment from head to toe, to the client’s exact requirements. We can digitally swap and change all of its features on the avatar’s body measurements, accurately considering the composition, weight of the fabric and any shrinkage or elasticity. And finally, we add any trims (like a zipper or buttons) and make up all the colorway options ready to present to the customer.

Browzwear 3D software tool apparel design
Our designer Linda using Browzwear software tool for 3D apparel design

Better for our customers, us, and the planet

Using 3D design to create digital samples means a smoother, more streamlined workflow. In the long term, the sampling process will be shortened – or even eliminated – leading to less fabric waste and a quicker turnaround. Since we can adjust, make pattern modifications and silhouette changes in a virtual prototype, the creative process is never interrupted by logistical delays. And because digital showcasing allows for instant feedback and faster decision making, it’s much better for our customers, too.

Less fabric waste, fewer emissions and reduced sending costs is great news for the environment, and takes us another step closer to the more sustainable fashion industry model that we’re all working towards.

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