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Licensed apparel

Licensed apparel is available in Russia and Australia.

More regions will follow soon.

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Competitive & sustainable

Beconnected designs, sources and produces globally

Beconnected clothing, sleepwear, underwear, swimwear, socks

Licensed apparel!

Aside from private label fashion, Beconnected also sources and sells licensed apparel in Russia and Australia.
Licensed collections will soon be available in other regions too.
Keep an eye on our website for updates.

Licensed apparel in Europe
Our European partner company Erve Europe is a market leader in licensed apparel.
With an extensive portfolio of licenses and exceptional customer service,
they have remained a top choice for major retailers for more than 30 years.

Are you looking for a sourcing or trading partner that takes care of the full supply chain?
Speak to our team today.

+86 21-62515599

Product expertise - Beconnected apparel

  • Baby clothing
  • Kids' clothing
  • Women's clothing
  • Nightwear (babies, children, women & men)
  • Underwear (babies, children, women & men)
  • Swimwear (babies, children, women & men)
  • Socks (babies, children, women & men)
  • Circular knitwear (cut & sew) for babies, children, women & men
  • Technical outwear
  • Woven shirts & blouses
  • Classic and casual pants
  • Summer accessories
  • Winter accessories
  • Leather accessories and shoes

In-house designers

Our dedicated trend watchers and international in-house design teams scope out up-to-the-minute developments in fabrics, printing, trims and everything in between.

Total solution

With six locations on three continents, we can offer you a total solution. All our offices work according to high international standards and have in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Never Out of Stock

We create, manage and support
Never Out of Stock (NOS) programs
to ensure you never miss a sale. We assist from design to your warehouse or even your shop floor. Learn more about how we can support your NOS programs.

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