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Design, sourcing, production, quality control, compliance, innovative packaging, competitive pricing, transport and more

Find out why the world’s top retailers call on us for private label and licensed apparel.

Your one-stop fashion solution


Working with us as your sourcing or trading company guarantees efficiency, competitive pricing and personalized service. Our expert teams offer a hassle-free experience, from the initial conversation until the garments arrive in your store.

Leading department stores, fashion retailers, supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount chains, resellers and online apparel platforms use Beconnected for private label and licensed garments.

Whether you’re interested in fast-selling basics or a bespoke collection, we organize the entire production process and take the time to understand your customers’ needs.


With six locations on three continents, we can offer you the complete solution. All of our offices work according to high international standards. We’re industry experts and have extensive knowledge of all products, quality standards, regulations and all import and export documents. You can trust that we’ll deliver exceptional products on time and keep you up to date throughout the process.


Our talented design teams in Europe and around the world thrive on creating fashion-forward pieces that your customers will respond to. They forecast trends and propose inspiring mood boards, as well as specific designs, including you in the design process.

Become a Beconnected customer and find out even more ways that we offer support through the design process.


We understand that time is, and always will be, important. We pride ourselves on being the fastest service-providing fashion importer in the industry. We’ll even confirm a price within 24 hours of receiving your request: a luxury allowed to us by having offices in each of our production countries across three continents.

For short turnarounds, we can, if so required, deliver stock within 1 to 2 weeks (depending on the destination).


We also create, produce, finance and manage Never Out of Stock (NOS) programs for major retailers. We make sure these products, their development, colors and packaging stay up-to-date in every way.


We understand that working with a partner across the world requires a solid set-up based on trust and clear processes. We will set up a single point of contact that works with you throughout the process. Together, we’ll discuss your requests, offering advice that ensures high quality and cost-effectiveness at every stage.

The Beconnected group handles every request with care, selecting the best production country to deliver your order.


Because of the volume of garments we produce (more than 40 million items per year) and our ability to check prices in many different countries, we can secure prices that maximize your margins.


We upgrade the value of your merchandise, always acting as if we’re the end consumer. For example, as most of our factories are OEKO-TEX® certified, we can supply OEKO-TEX® hangtags for your garments.

Agency versus Trading

We invest in
long term relationships
and offer tailor-made
financial and logistical

Good to know - import your goods duty free from Africa

We’ll assist you with importing your goods duty-free from Africa into the USA, Canada, Europe, China and India.

In 2014 we opened Beconnected Africa: a new sourcing and trading office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to support the sub-Sahara region. Several huge vertical set-ups are already present in Ethiopia, where there’s a growing economy and access to resources such as cotton fields. The country is part of AGOA, allowing duty-free imports into the USA, Canada, Europe, China and India, and provides GSP-A Certificates of Origin as official documentation.

Beconnected has the only officially registered sourcing and buying organization with western management in Ethiopia.

The passionate African and international team is guided by our European partner who has more than 33 years of experience in Asia’s textile industry. Simona Marta Grava and her team provide excellent support on entering the East African regions.

Beconnected Africa – Addis Ababa offers the same international standards and attention to detail that customers receive in all of our offices, such as access to a European design team, quality control, order follow-up, sampling, pre-approval of materials, logistics and more. These standards are further enhanced by local knowledge of the African industry.

Our strengths

  • Quality and compliance (based on our company’s military roots)
  • Sourcing and trading
  • Fashion basics among the best on the market
  • Trend forecasting (exclusive trend updates for customers)
  • Artwork and in-house design on all continents
  • High international standards everywhere in the world as well as local strengths
  • Long-term, stable and reliable partnerships
  • Consistent and reliable NOS set-up and support
  • Strict critical path procedures / outstanding order follow-up
  • Flexibility in sampling
  • Links to Europe
  • Direct product sourcing and development
  • Innovative packaging
  • Specialized knowledge in the latest printing techniques
  • In-depth experience with all industry requirements and import/export document approval
  • Full travel guidance: hotel booking, driver service, visa application and more.

Marketing material 

Our designers can create customized printed packaging to increase the sales potential of your merchandise.
Beconnected private label apparel - packaging example

We care

We’re committed to quality control for your customers’ safety and proactively ensure a safe working environment for every part of our supply chain.

Full supply chain

Expect transparent communication, outstanding order follow-up and support through the whole supply chain, from design to your garments’ arrival in their final destination.

Private label & more

We are a sourcing and trading company specialized in private label apparel. We can also offer licensed clothing for iconic characters and brands.

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