The ‘Dudas’ which were launched in 2012 were created by the Erve team.

It all started when Martijn, the leader of the company, formulated the mission statement.

”Growth is what we stand for.Growth for our customers, partners and our people. Step by step, each time better.”

We believe that individual growth is the key to the growth of a community, a company and a family.

Life equals growth because it is subject to continual change;
to grow as an individual with a body, heart and soul, to grow interacting with others, a partner, parents, children, friends, colleagues and customers.

We defined a number of values in order to have internal and external benchmarks within our organisation.
We translated essential values of life into a business context.

Since then, these values have given us a distinct direction to the way in which we conduct our business.
Later on, it became clear that the time had come to share and develop these values with others.

On one his travels, Martijn bought a statue of Buddha, which has pride of place in our office.
It was a great starting point for designing and creating the shape of the Dudas.

We picked out the colours and decorated the figures with symbols that reflect the specific values.

The final stage involved finding a name.

Duda is derived from the word Buddha and the ‘do’ in ‘do’s and don’ts’.
The letter A is reflected in the term ‘value’. And the plural is Dudas.

In our opinion, this only represents ‘the foundation’ and we would like to continue building upon this concept. More Dudas will be created. They are an evolving concept for a ‘value-driven’ approach, for both individuals and organizations. Apps, games, a book, a whole world of Duda products… We are always fantasising about them. If this Duda adventure generates any profit, it will be reinvested in ‘Duda-inspired’ projects.

Ultimately, this will help us moving towards a more caring future.
Welcome to our Duda world!



Beconnected Duda Ownership
Ownership stands for really “owning” your job.
We do what  we do because we want to achieve something, not because we have to.


Beconnected Duda SpeedWhen we do something, we do it with a sense of urgency.
Speed, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.
It results in proactivity and a quick service to our customers and our partners.


Beconnected Duda Customer FocusOur customers are our priority. We build successful long-term relationships.
Consistently putting the customer first, that’s what we call: customer focus.


Beconnected Duda ImproveWe try to improve, through constant innovation.
Therefore we flow naturally with the rhythms of the universe.


Beconnected Duda QualityOur aim is to achieve the highest possible quality in what we do.
From the quality of our products and factories (compliance) to the quality of our daily work.


Beconnected Duda PositiveWe are positive in our attitude.
There is always a positive side to a person, a situation and an occurance.
That’s the way we approach reality.


Beconnected Duda InnovationWe try to improve, through constant innovation.
Therefore we flow naturally with the rhythms of the universe.


Beconnected Duda DirectWe communicate in a clear way, we are open and direct in our communication.
All our partners know what we can do for them and where we stand for.


Beconnected Duda SupportingSome days are easier than others and sometimes people have a hard time.
That’s when we want to be supportive, towards each individual in need.
A little support can improve everything.


Beconnected Duda EnergisingGiving energy to our customers, partners and ourselves.
That’s what we call being energising.


DUDA MOVIE ( 3.05 min )