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Face masks featuring your logo

Face masks are increasingly required to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Face masks for companies

Help your customers stay safe.
Protect the health of others.
Order your custom face masks.

All styles and designs

Beconnected offers reusable personalized masks with your logo. The options of styles are endless. These non-medical masks form a physical barrier between the wearer and external influences to protect you and your customers.

Our designers are there for you to create original, fashion-forward prints with your customers in mind.

As a private label supplier Beconnected can help you create your own collection of face masks.
Face masks featuring licensed characters are also available via our partner company Erve Europe.

Face masks for companies - Beconnected

BIZ Zeedijk, Amsterdam (Entrepreneurial Association). Dragon illustration by Christel Schols. The dragon represents the Chinatown district in Amsterdam. These comfortable face masks were distributed by the entrepreneurs of the BIZ Zeedijk.

Our client about their distribution campaign at Gelderlandplein, Amsterdam:
โ€The face mask distribution campaigns have been received very enthusiastically. Nice that the delivery was fast, so we had them ready to hand out the day the new measures took effect. Everyone could continue shopping in our shopping malls with a safe feeling.โ€

Tested for safety

The masks are tested for quality and have a 90% particle filtration efficiency of 3um. The minimum order is 5000 masks, and options include Freight on Board (FOB) or delivery included.

Contact us to view our face mask portfolio or speak to our experts for information on technical specifications.

Face masks for companies - Beconnected - examples

Stay safe and healthy:

Keep a safe distance โœ‹
Avoid crowded areas ๐Ÿ›‘
Wash your hands regularly ๐Ÿงด

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