Global Approach

After a few years of development, we launched our subsidiaries in the Far East (including Bangladesh, China and India).  Since 2014, we launched our first office in Ethiopia to become a pioneer in Africa.

As the name of our company already suggests, it’s important that …

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Trading & Buying

We are able to provide the customer the whole production process from A to Z, including fashion trends, design, production, inspection, and transportation.

The products can be tailor made, according to the customer’s wishes.

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Step by step, we are moving forward to upscale our textile business. We use our knowledge and experience to develop further in the supply chain with our new industrial focus. The result is two state of the art factories, Beconnected Labeling & Beconnected Printing, which will be launched on the 16th of June 2015 in Ethiopia.

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Growth is what we stand for.

Growth is what we stand for. Growth for our customers, partners and our people. Step by step, each time better.